Monday, October 8, 2012

Texarkana Renaissance Faire October 2012

Hollie & Caleb Ramsey
A big GIANT thanks goes to the vendors, staff, entertainers, sponsors, patrons and ALL supporters of the first Texarkana Renaissance Faire! Without you all, there would be no faire

The rain, high winds, and (what seemed like) freezing cold temperatures didn't slow anyone down. We stuck with it and we all had a terrific time. I am very proud of my vendors, staff and entertainers for braving such terrible weather- I am even more proud of the people who came out to support us in such undesirable weather conditions.

If you would like to share your photos from the 2012 faire for promotional use for the next years faire, please submit them to or your can upload them directly to our Flickr pool.

Once again we would like to give special thanks to: Richard Garner, Aaron Brand & the Texarkana Gazette, Cliff Perkins, American Classifieds, The Texarkana Renaissance Faire Club, Lisa Barr & the Four States Fair Grounds, Sandy Azancot of Dermagraphic Studios, Renaissance Magazine, Shadowhawk Blades.

A very special thanks to Brian Harper, Emily Stokes and my husband Caleb Ramsey.

The dates of next year's faire will be announced at the beginning of 2013

Thank you,
 -Hollie Ramsey, director